The End Games

The End Games - I finished it! And I'm seriously torn about how I feel about it. It was different than I expected it to be. It was more along the lines of a This Is Not a Test or Monument 14 post-apocalyptic book rather than a more video game based book. I enjoyed that about it, but it was just different than I expected. By far the best part of this book, however, was the relationship between Michael and his brother, Patrick. It was the moments between them and the moments where Michael really struggled to protect his brother that tore at my heart. Also, as far as creepiness goes, the Bellows (or Zeds or Zombies) are very creepy in this book. Like the summary says, they evolve. Which is new and different and very unexpected by Michael and he doesn't know what's going on or why they are changing. And the unknown in books like these is almost always the scariest part. However, even with the strong relationship and the creepiness of the zombies, I just wasn't a huge fan of the writing style in this one. It was a little broken in places and hard to follow. It kept me from getting really drawn into the book and I had to force myself through some parts. I'm giving The End Games 3 stars and would still recommend it to fans of This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers and people who are looking for YA books told from a male POV.