Drowning in You

Drowning in You - Rebecca Berto That summary is something, isn't it? I love it. Tragedy. Attraction. Romance. Pain. Mystery. All in one book. And it is all in this book. Unfortunately, it wasn't done quite as well as I had hoped. But still, this book is enjoyable and I always like reading about characters in the New Adult age range.When Drowning in You starts, the accident involving Charlee's parents at the ski resort has already taken place, so we're dumped right into the middle of it all. Charlee's mom is dead, her dad is struggling to survive in the hospital with extensive injuries, and Charlee has become the full-time caregiver for her ten year old brother. I love being dropped right into the thick of a story, especially when it comes without the awful info dump. The only problem this time was that the beginning ended up being a little bit confusing. The writing needed some smoothing out. It was too choppy and pretty hard to follow in the beginning.By far the best parts of this story were the family moments. The times Charlee has with her dad and the emotions she goes through trying to care for Darcy are the most moving. Those are the times when I felt the strong emotions and the times that broke my heart. Even the times that Dexter has with his dad are surprising. The family connection was easily the strongest part of the story and the easiest part for me to connect with.The biggest letdown in this book for me, unfortunately, was the romance between Charlee and Dexter. I had a hard time seeing the long-time attraction they each held for each other. It felt more like they'd just randomly known each other from the past rather than crushing on each other for years. They were cute together and they definitely had their moments, especially after moving past the awkwardness of their first few meetings in the book, I just didn't understand why they liked each other in the beginning.Overall this book held both positives and negatives for me. I was surprised by the twist in regards to Dexter's dad, I loved the moments between Charlee and her family, I liked that Charlee and Dexter were a couple that seemed better together than they were apart, I liked the addition of Eliot and the way his story-line played out, but I really wish the writing had been stronger. I think a good editor could make this book something really special. I gave Drowning in You 3 stars.