Timepiece: An Hourglass Novel

Timepiece - Myra McEntire I just read Hourglass, which I borrowed from the library, when I saw Timepiece available on Netgalley and requested it right away. I'm so glad I did. I highly enjoyed Timepiece. I'm not usually a fan of time travel books because keeping timelines and stories straight can get tricky, for the reader and writer. However, I've loved the way McEntire has tackled time travel and the whole space/time continuum so far in this series. I've never felt confused or lost while reading either Hourglass or Timepiece. I do suggest, though, that you read one right after the other or visit Myra McEntire's Hourglass Recap Post. It'll help keep the details straight.Timepiece picks up right after Hourglass lets off. And the action starts right away as well. We meet some new bad guys, learn lots more about time travel, gain some new allies, see more rips, and travel to new places. I don't want to talk too much about the plot because I'm finding it difficult to do so without giving stuff away. And you'll want to read about all of the surprises on your own.The big difference in Timepiece is that it's told from Kaleb's POV. I was actually a big fan of Kaleb's voice and enjoyed it much more than Emerson's. I also liked getting to know his story better, I honestly didn't pay much attention to him in Hourglass. Timepiece was given a much less teen-angsty feel, due in part I think to the new voice. And while there is still some romance in the book, and it's done quite well, there is much less of the sparks-flying, all-I-think-about-is-him kind. So it was a nice change from Hourglass.I was also glad to see much more of Lily, Emerson's best friend, in Timepiece. She was fun, smart, and just the right partner for Kaleb. One of my favorite parts of the book was learning about Kaleb's ability, how it connected him to people more than he thought and how Lily helps him understand what he can do. Unlike Emerson, Kaleb's always known about his ability, but hasn't worked or developed it quite as much as he could have. We get to watch him discover more about himself and transform from the person he was in the beginning of the series to the person he is at the end of Timepiece, someone I liked much better than I thought I would.Myra McEntire has created a great time travel series in both Hourglass and Timepiece. Her pacing is wonderful, she always knows when to bring some suspense or tension into the picture and the story never drags. Timepiece ends on a huge cliffhanger, of course, so be prepared to wait a while to get the rest of the story. I can only imagine what Myra McEntire has lined up for the grand finale. I think it's going to be epic!If you are a fan of time travel or just YA science fiction/paranormal books, go pick up the Hourglass series. I gave Timepiece 4 stars.