Every Day

Every Day - David Levithan's Every Day is beautiful, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking. It really is just that simple. Read it.A is our protagonist. And every day, A's soul is transferred to a new body. The new body doesn't really know he's there. A just tries to live their lives the best he can, for just one day. Then he leaves. He's never had parents, friends, a home, or anything he can take with him. He's just a soul. And every day this is okay. Until he meets her. Rhiannon is different. Different from everyone else A has met. He notices her and he wants to know her. But mostly, he wants her to know him. After a perfect day together, he looks for her. Then again the next day and again and again. Every day he searches for her in his new bodies, finds her, talks to her. He tells her about him. The truth. She's the only one who knows. The only one he loves. But can love be enough to overcome what he is? Can love overcome not having a body? Can you fall in love with someone different on the outside every day when they are the same person on the inside every day? A will get his answers.Being inside A's head during the brief period of his life was fascinating. All of these things we take for granted are things he's come to accept he cannot have. You meet a girl and want to give her your phone number and take her out to coffee? Sounds good. Except for A. He doesn't have a phone. Doesn't have a wallet. Doesn't have money. And that girl? She won't recognize him tomorrow in his new body. And he's okay with that. *Also, it should be noted, that A never identifies himself as male or female, I just call him a he because that's how he feels to me.*A meets Rhiannon while in the body of her boyfriend, Justin. He knows she isn't happy. So they ditch school and spend the day at the beach. It is a perfect day together and A doesn't want it to end. But he knows it must. But he's determined to find Rhiannon again and talk to her. And he does. Again and again. They form a connection and he tells her everything about him. She isn't scared off. They continue to talk and try to move forward with some kind of relationship. However, the different bodies, responsibilities, and a person that becomes aware that A inhabited his body all present difficulties for them. A has always been responsible with the lives and bodies he's in, but with Rhiannon, he doesn't care anymore and thinks it's okay to disrupt their lives for one day so that he can have just one relationship.Here is where my one problem with the book comes. There were a few times throughout the book where A seemed to act out of character, and not in a good way. He put one of the bodies in a bad situation. It screamed careless and thoughtless and stupid. I couldn't think of any reason why A would not have foreseen what was coming. It frustrates me when I don't understand a character's motives or reasons mid-way through a book when I feel like I should know them. But this was a small personal frustration with the book.In the end of the book, Rhiannon must decide if she can love someone that will never be in the same body for more than one day. Can she be with someone who couldn't spend the night, couldn't meet her parents or friends, who couldn't promise to be there the next day, who would never look the same, and who she could never marry? And A must decide if he would be willing to taking over someone else's body for good. If he could find a way to stay, would that be similar to murder? What happens to their soul if he stays? I won't give away the end, but I will say I was definitely surprised by it.Every Day takes a chance to look at love in a whole new way. We often think we know what love means and how to show someone we love them. But what happens when you take away something so basic as a body. Could you still love your significant other if their body was always changing? Does gender matter? Appearance? Consistency? Having a phone number? This book may make you look at love and the things you take for granted in a whole new way. Every Day is beautiful, heartbreaking, and unique. I definitely recommend it.