Last Summer

Last Summer - Rebecca A. Rogers Last Summer by Rebecca A. Rogers was a difficult book for me to rate. I thought about how many stars I wanted to give it for a long time. The book was just okay for me, so I ended up giving it three stars. The difficulty in rating really stemmed from the book being both a good, fast, summer romance and it ultimately being just too unrealistic for me.The book opens with Chloe starting out her summer at the cottage house on the lake where her family spends their summers. But she really doesn't want to be there. Her parents relationship is rapidly deteriorating and she wants nothing to do with the fallout. While there, she stumbles upon Logan in an abandoned house she and her friend used to visit. He is homeless, a high-school dropout, and addicted to heroine. On the spot and without knowing him at all, Chloe decides she's going to help him quit drugs and get his life back on track. He resists, for about a day, and then shows up at her house willing to try to change. As the book progresses, they become attracted to each other, he ends up on the run from some drug dealers he owes money to, the situation with her parents takes a nose-dive, and they get caught in a very dangerous and violent situation. As readers, we're just along for the ride, all the while wondering if the attraction between Chloe and Logan will be strong enough to overcome all of their obstacles and whether or not they will even survive the summer. This book is intense.Last Summer is told in alternating POVs. I don't have strong feelings on this like some people, so long as it's done well. And in this instance, it was. Both Logan and Chloe had their own unique voice and the alternating voices gave a glimpse into both lives that we otherwise wouldn't have seen. I liked Logan's voice better. He was just more interesting to me and Chloe was a bit too whiny in the beginning. The rest of the characters were really peripheral. This book belongs to Chloe and Logan with the rest of the characters coming and going as necessary.The real issue I had with this book, and the reason I couldn't give it more stars, was the fact that the book was just not realistic or believable for me. The events all happen very quickly. And the problems are resolved a bit too easily. And while that made it a nice, really fast read I felt it also resulted in not enough focus on the real issues and a lack of depth that helps connect the readers to the characters' struggles. In the end, I just wasn't that attached to Chloe or Logan.Last Summer by Rebecca A. Rogers is an intense, fast-paced book that takes a look at some really major issues. I do think it was well-written and it is getting lots of love from people on Goodreads. I was just looking for a little more focus and depth, rather than lots of intense action. But it did make a pretty good summer read and the romance is steamy. Just don't forget, this isn't a Young Adult book and I can't recommend it to anyone under 17. The issues in this book include not only drug use, but also a near rape experience and other sexual scenes. I gave Last Summer 3 stars. I recommend it if you like books that deal with more serious issues or books about hot summer romances.