When Charlie McButton Lost Power

When Charlie McButton Lost Power - Mike Lester, Suzanne  Collins Yes, it is that Suzanne Collins. And when I saw that, there was no way I was passing up this book. As it turns out, it's wonderful! We all loved it (my kids are 7 and 4). The book is about Charlie, a little boy who loves video games and all things that plug in. One night a storm comes through and knocks out their power and Charlie is left without anything to do. He goes a little crazy and ends up in the time-out chair when he tries to swipe some batteries from his little sister's doll for one of his outdated handheld games. In the end, [spoiler alert] he finds that fun can be had through his imagination and playing with his little sister. The book is perfect for kids who love video games, but is also a really great story for siblings. Charlie and his sister play all sorts of games together while the power is out and they have a great time together. And that's the real message that I hope my son picks up on.