Creepy Carrots!

Creepy Carrots! - Aaron Reynolds This book follows Jasper Rabbit, a regular rabbit who loves carrots. He eats them all the time, even steals them from the field near his house. At least he does until he thinks the carrots start following him. They show up everywhere. And no one else seems to notice. Finally Jasper has enough of the creepy carrots and comes up with a plan to make sure they stay in the field where they belong. The end has a funny twist so I won't spoil it here. But this is a perfect Halloween book for young kids. It isn't too scary, but is creepy enough to keep them on the edge of their seats and feeling like they're reading an actual scary story. And it's funny and interesting enough to keep parents from falling asleep reading after reading. Plus, all of the illustrations are done by Peter Brown, one of our favorites that I've mentioned on here before. In my book, those add up to a great children's picture book. And it's a Halloween book that can be kept out all year-long without feeling out-of-place. This book comes highly recommended by my whole family!