The Water Wars

The Water Wars - Cameron Stracher The Water Wars takes us to a future where water is in need and people will do anything to get their hands on some. I read The Water Wars because the premise seemed all too possible and thought it would provide some insight into how we might want to change the way we treat our environment. There seemed to be so much potential to really open up a discussion about how wasteful we are as a society and how that led to a world with a huge shortage of natural resources. But it all fell short for me. The characters were flat, there was barely any relationship development, and the action came without reason. I didn't understand why the two siblings, Vera and Will, ran away from home for a boy, Kai, they barely knew. The action was non-stop, so if that's what you're looking for you will find it here. But it just didn't make sense to me. This is one dystopian I wasn't a fan of, but it was an action-packed, quick, easy read. I gave it 2 stars.