Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3)

Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3) - While Reached is a pretty good ending to an enjoyable dystopian trilogy, it was just not as epic as I was hoping for. I was able to stop reading and put the book down when I got tired and it honestly didn't even bother me. I wanted a book that I couldn't have put down even if my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer. I wanted a book that would have kept me up all night. And it just didn't. It was still good, just not epic. I was surprised that out of all three characters, I think I liked Xander the most, which wasn't the case in the other books. I felt he was much too good for Cassia. He did so much for others and really wanted to help people. I was glad he got a good ending. I was also glad that there was never really a love triangle. Even though there are two guys, there's no real competition. Xander and Cassia both know that she loves Ky, so I'm glad there wasn't any wavering from that. I did feel that perhaps the book was a bit long, it seemed to just meander along in some parts. But I still think Ally Condie did a great job wrapping up the series with a good solid ending that still offered a bit of room to wonder. Because in the end, "It's all right to wonder."