Battle Royale

Battle Royale - Koushun Takami, Yuji Oniki I'm just on chapter 9 and I have to say I've never read anything with as much violence as this. I thought I was prepared but this is much more violent than I imagined it would be, even with reading the reviews. It's making "The Hunger Games" look like a kiddie book. I'm going to keep reading it, only during daylight hours, because the reviews are so great and I am intrigued by the story. Here's hoping it's worth it![Update] I am now on chapter 25 and I have to say that while the violence is still there, it is much less concentrated and graphic and lets the story and characters develop. I am happy with the change. [Update] I have finished the book! While it is not one of my favorites, I am very happy I read it. It was a slow read for me and I feel a bit was lost in the translation, but overall it was very good. I enjoyed being able to "see" all the events that happened during the Program and learning about each student taking part. I wish there had been a stronger female character and fewer annoying side comments. But the story was strong until the very end and I was completely fooled! I can see the reasons why this book is linked to The Hunger Games but it is very different. Most notably is the graphic violence found in this book. If you can make it through the first 9 chapters or so, you can survive the rest of the book. If you aren't squeamish, give it a try!