Glitch (Glitch - Trilogy)

Glitch - Heather Anastasiu I just finished reading Glitch by Heather Anastasiu and I have so many different thoughts going on. It was a pretty exciting premise, but the book didn't quite meet my expectations. So I'm going to make a pro/con list to sort through my feelings on this book. There are spoilers. If you want to read them, just highlight the passage.Pros Science-fiction: I love this genre and it's done very well in this book. Lots of futuristic techie stuff, mind control, drones, etc. I love it. Paranormal Elements: I also love a good paranormal book and reading about the different paranormal 'Gifts' the glitching characters had was a great addition to the science-fiction aspect. Writing: I think Heather Anastasiu is a very talented writer. She gets the reader thinking about the ideal society, how important human emotions are, whether a society could function better with emotions removed, and whether that would ultimately be worth it. Is love enough to make pain and suffering worth it? Adrien: Easily my favorite character from the book. I'm not usually a fan of boys who have all the answers and girls who just follow along. But Adrien was different. He was so patient with Zoe [spoiler] after they returned from the surface and he knew she wouldn't remember him [end spoiler]. He wanted her to be safe and to protect her, but he also knew she was strong and smart and he encouraged that part of her as well. No Cliffhanger: Don't get me wrong, it's not a closed story. But there is no huge cliffhanger leaving you stranded at the end of the book with no real ending.Cons Pacing: The beginning of the book was a bit slow for me, it took me quite a while to really get into it. Then it just took off. I could barely keep up with all the twists and turns in the last third of the book. Fake Swear Words: I hate hate hate hate them. I don't care if the characters don't know swear words because they were never taught them, they must know some words that have some negative associations. Use those. Or don't use them at all. Fake, made-up swear words just seem cartoon-y and disruptive to me. Love Triangle: Yes, there is a love triangle. And I really wish it wasn't there. I'm not a fan of female characters who just go along with their male partners that they feel nothing special towards simply because the male characters says they should, or whatever his reasons are. Girls need to know it's okay to stand up for and believe in their own feelings. Zoe's Descriptions: Zoe explains early on that when you are hooked up to the Link you see no colors, feel no emotions, and have no sense of taste or smell. But when she's glitching, she gets all of those senses back. So when she experiences things for the first time, it was a bit confusing to see her explain and describe them so perfectly. How does she know to compare something to a mango if she's never tasted a mango before? Max: I really hated him. All he wanted with Zoe was sex. He creeped me out and I just didn't like him or almost any scene with him in it. I was glad Zoe pulled away from him when she did, but I hate that he [spoiler] got a vulnerable teenage girl pregnant at the first chance he got and used his powers against Zoe [end spoiler].Overall Glitch was just okay for me. It was a well written science-fiction/paranormal YA novel with lots of action, many twists and turns, and a few intriguing characters. The premise is amazing and it felt almost like reading a mash-up of Delirium, Matched, and Shatter Me. But it did not live up to my expectations and in the end, the cons won out. I give Glitch 2 stars. It has received lots of great reviews, so you may love it. I'd recommend borrowing it first, though, just to make sure. And with all of that said, I will be picking up Override when it comes out next February. I do still want to see where this journey will take Zoe and Adrien.