Incarnate - I just finished Incarnate and I really liked it. I loved the premise and was not disappointed in the book. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. The story starts right at the beginning and totally grabbed me. I wanted to find out right away what was going to happen to Ana and why she had been born. I wanted to learn more about the society where every soul had been reincarnated for thousands of years. And when we met Sam, I wanted to know everything about him too. I wanted to know everything but Jodi Meadows was careful not to reveal too much too soon.Be warned that the Ana/Sam romance is a large part of the book, but the chemistry and tension between them was wonderfully written. Much of the time that Ana is suppose to be studying and researching her existence is actually spent playing music with Sam. It is also difficult to fit this book into one genre. Incarnate is filled with dystopian themes as well as dragons, sylphs and other supernatural creatures. And don't forget the religious themes. But all seem to somehow flow together nicely and neither takes away from the other.By the end of the book, there are still questions I have that were left unanswered. As this is the first book of a trilogy I will wait and hope that the answers come in later books. Because I will definitely be reading the rest of this trilogy.