Everneath - I really liked this book. It is a great YA paranormal read and includes quite a bit of mythology as well. When I started Everneath, I had a TON of questions. I don't read much about myths or know much about the Underworld, but Brodi Ashton provided answers to my questions throughout the book. I wasn't waiting until the very end of the book to get all of my questions answered nor was I able to figure out exactly how it would all play out early on. I was worried early in the book that I wouldn't like any of the characters, especially Nikki. But we learn why she is so cold in the beginning and as the time between her Return and the present lengthens, she becomes more emotional and connected. The inclusion of both the present and the past in the storytelling also helped me understand the characters better. By the end I was very much attached to both her and Jack. I can't wait to read the second book and find out where the characters go from here.