My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick I know everyone loves this book, but honestly? I only just liked it. It was okay. A nice, easy summer read. I liked Jase, of course. He was perfect, everything everyone wants. Hard worker, great boyfriend, hot, perfect brother/son/athlete/employee/problem solver/prince charming. A little too good. Samantha was a good protagonist, not too whiny, a bit of a pushover in the beginning, smart, not snobby. I liked them together, they worked well. But I just wished for more. More conflict in some places, more resolutions to some unsolved issues, more honest emotions from the characters, more growth, and maybe even some more yelling. I get that what happened towards the end was suppose to be serious, but it didn't totally work for me. It kind of came out of nowhere. And I'd hoped we see a bit more conflict between Sam and Jase about it and a bit more of who Sam's mom really was under her well-put together image. There was the potential to go so much deeper with so many characters here. What about Clay, Tim, Nan, Sam's dad? Maybe less characters and more development would have helped. Overall I liked it. I just think it needed to be either a fun summer romance or a deeper coming-of-age story. Sticking to one and taking it all the way would have been better than trying to do both and only doing an alright job. I still recommend it, though, especially if you are a fan of YA contemporary romances.