The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe Can I start off a review by talking about the ending? I'm going to because what was that ending?! I realize this book is part of a trilogy and the story must continue but that ending is one of the biggest non-endings of a book ever. It is crazy. And not because a ton of stuff is happening or anything, there is just a mention of something and that's it. The end. But there is so much more there! I need answers! So I guess I need to read the next book, The Lives We Lost. I just sometimes wish that I could go into a second book not because there are no answers in the first book but because I want to read more about the story.Now onto the rest of the book. I actually really enjoyed the story and the progression of events and how everything falls apart. As far as YA science-fiction, I thought it was pretty well done. The disease is scary and the quarantine put on the island felt like something that could really happen. So far, this felt just science-fiction-y and not dystopian or post-apocolyptic to me. I'm not sure what the rest of the story will hold in terms of how the government is involved with the disease and island or if the disease has spread and affected more of the world. But for now, since we don't really have any answers to those, I'm calling it science-fiction.I liked Kaelyn as an MC and her journal as a way to document the events. I enjoyed getting to see the actual dates and time that passed rather than just a seasonal reference here and there. I liked the internal monologue we got to see and the progression of her thoughts and feelings as the disease and quarantine continued. Her hopes changed, her actions changed, and the way she thought changed. It's scary to think about something so deadly coming on so quickly. What would you do? Go out and risk getting sick by helping other people and your community when it seems no one else will? Or would you lock yourself and family away from the rest of the community in hopes that you could survive until a cure was found? What would you do if someone you loved got sick? How do you watch someone you love deteriorate so quickly, knowing there is nothing you can do? The emotions really drive this book, much more than action.In the end, I'm giving The Way We Fall 4 stars. I really enjoyed the book, the characters, the progression of the disease and the breakdown of the community, and the emotions of the book. But I just didn't completely fall in love with it. It felt a little bit distant, I was never completely engrossed in the story. I'm excited to move onto The Lives We Lost and get some answers about what is happening at the end of this book. I think this one sets up well for the rest of the trilogy and I'm excited to see which direction the story goes. I'm hopeful for Kaelyn and Tessa and Leo and Gav. If you're a fan of science-fiction and enjoy a book driven more by emotions than non-stop action, give The Way We Fall a try. I think you'll enjoy it!