Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Easily my favorite dystopian novel after The Hunger Games. We follow Lena who is counting down until the day of her treatment, when she won't have to worry anymore about getting the deliria. She's seen other kids and adults sick with the deliria and she thinks they are miserable and in pain all the time. She just wants to be happy. But can you feel happiness without sadness, joy without sorrow? Lena learns a lot about love in Delirium. The idea that love is a disease that we can be cured of is definitely intriguing. Add to that Oliver's beautiful writing and the addition of the rules of the society at the beginning of each chapter, and a completely believable new world is created. We also get some amazing characters out of Lena, the female protagonist, Alex, the uncured boy from the Wilds who teaches Lena how to love, and Hana, Lena's best friend who helps her learn that sometimes breaking the rules is okay. The journey we take with Lena throughout the book is beautiful, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking. If you haven't read it yet, go get it. I gave Delirium 5 stars.