Origin - Jessica Khoury I gave Origin a solid three stars.My Likes: The end was fantastic. I loved it. It really balanced out the slow beginning for me and I read the last half in just a few hours, while the first half took a few days. The suspense began to build and while I was pretty sure we knew what the secret in Little Cam was, there were still a couple of surprises thrown in there. It's always nice when there is some unpredictability to a story. Origin also brought up some interesting questions in regards to science and how far can it go for the greater good. I won't give anything away, but while reading it, you have to wonder, how far would you go for the advancement of human-kind and the possibility of immortality?My Dislikes: It was really hard for me to get into the story. The beginning felt slow and there wasn't much there that made me want to care about 'perfect' Pia or Little Cam. After a while, of course, I felt more invested. I just wish it would have come earlier. Also the struggle Pia has within herself between Wild Pia and Scientist Pia got repetitive. I understand what the author was going for. Pia's upbringing was very different from what Pia wanted for herself and she struggled with letting her past go and accept herself as she was, not as she was brought up to be. But there was just never anything that was added from all the many conversations with herself than we saw in the first one. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the romance between Eio and Pia, though mostly because I wish it could have felt deeper or been more developed. I did like both characters and I liked them together. It just felt quick and insta-lovey and bit too intense/possessive on Eio's part. I also wish there could have been a bit more closure with Aunt Harriett, since she was one of my favorites. (I did wonder if the Epilogue was planned the way it is or if it was added later for that reason. Thoughts on this if you've read it?)Overall Feelings: While I was reading Origin, I really didn't know how I was going to rate it. At first I wondered where all the hype had come from. It was a struggle to get through the first half and for me to really get to a place where the secrets in Little Cam were something I wanted to know more about. But the second half, especially the last quarter, really picked up and were great. I wasn't a huge fan of the romance, but I did like the characters. And Khoury certainly painted a wonderful picture of the jungle that held both incredible beauty and dark, terrible secrets. In the end I'm giving Origin three stars, though I'm a bit on the fence about how much I'll really be recommending it.