Pivot Point

Pivot Point - I just need to say that I really loved this book and I am going to try really hard to make this review not just a repeat of that statement over and over again. I'm going to try to put some helpful information in here so you can make your own decision on whether you want to try this book out (You should totally read this book!). I'll highlight some things I loved about the book and maybe even mention a thing or two that I wish had been different but otherwise I'm going to gush a bit about how awesome this book is.We get to meet Addie in Pivot Point. She seems like a regular teenager, except that she lives in a community full of people with special brain powers. They are kept a secret from normal people and live in the Compound but life is otherwise pretty similar to what we experience here in the Norm world. Addie's power is called Clairvoyant but is really Divergence, a somewhat rare power that lets her see the future when confronted with a choice. She can only see her own future and only when there are two separate paths that she could take. She doesn't use her power often, because she can't change the future, but when her parents confront her with the fact that they are divorcing and her dad is moving off the Compound, they give her the chance to use her power to help her decide which parent she will live with. What she thinks will be an easy Search turns into an emotional journey through two futures she's not sure she wants. But in the end she must choose one.This was one of those books whose premise got me super excited. It is so unique and different. But I was also a little nervous because I wasn't entirely sure how it would be accomplished. I wondered how I would feel emotionally connected to the stories, both at the same time, when I know that the stories aren't even happening to the characters for 'real'. But I got totally sucked in. The future stories occur side-by-side as soon as Addie starts her Search. One chapter she's in the Compound, the next she's out, and it alternates throughout the six weeks that she's decided she needs to see ahead to. I had no problem following along with both stories, no problem becoming attached to the characters in each and the stories they were telling, and no problem becoming emotionally invested in the outcome of each path as well as the overall story. Plus, Kasie West did the alternate futures in such a way that many of the plot points overlap. We learn a little bit in one future and a little bit of something else in the other until they finally converge and we get the whole story. It's both very interesting and very clever. I never knew what was going to happen next. There was one time when I remember thinking that maybe something would turn out a certain way and it did, but only once. It's one of the many reasons I loved this book so much.A couple of other things I really liked about the book were the characters and the dialogue. They both seemed very natural to me, very real and honest. Addie was great as a teenager trying to deal with her parents divorce as well as with a mom who can persuade people and a dad who can detect lies. She likes to follow to the rules and not rock the boat but she also doesn't like that her parents are not together and that her dad is leaving. The conversations between her and her parents and the conversations between her and the other teenagers in the book all seemed like very typical, normal conversations. The language wasn't awkward, the passages weren't forced. It all flowed very nicely and I think it can sometimes be very hard for authors to make dialogue seem really genuine and natural. And Kasie West did that in this book. (This and the romance parts of Pivot Point make me really excited to read her contemporary romance The Distance Between Us in July!)One thing I wasn't a huge fan of was that the ending wrapped up so quickly. Maybe I just wanted more from the characters and wasn't ready to let the book go, but I felt like there could have been a bit more when it came time for Addie to make her choice. The summary says, "Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier . . ." but it seemed like the choice was very easy for Addie. And knowing how the two futures 'end' it's easy to see why the choice wasn't that hard. I just wish there had been a longer moment for her to sit and think about everything she was giving up by choosing one path over the other and what would happen once she made her choice. It's a lot to go through. Not to mention everything she experienced in her Search. Again, I know why she chose the path she did and how she decided it. It was probably just me that wasn't ready to let the other path go so quickly. But is just a little bit of angst too much to ask for?!Final Thoughts: Okay, I'm going to get gushy again. I loved this book. I loved the writing, the story, the characters, the surprises and the suspense, the twists, the romance, and Trevor. I loved how clever the book is about everything (even the love triangle that wasn't even really a love triangle). Everything was awesome. I am so excited for the sequel, though I'm pretty sure my heart may break a little with it. But really, I just can't wait to see what else we'll get from Kasie West and this story. If you enjoy paranormal stories, especially ones with time travel or alternate realities, don't miss this book. If you like romances or thrillers or science-fiction, DON'T MISS THIS BOOK. If it doesn't suck you in and make you think about all the what-ifs and changing the future and what you would do in Addie's place, who you couldn't live without, then I don't know what to say. I gave Pivot Point five stars and I definitely think you should give it a try!